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Extreme sports and adventure tour sites in Puerto Rico

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One of the most attractive things about Puerto Rico is its geographical diversity that varies from the beaches and coastline, to the forests, rivers and mountains. This diversity has laid a solid platform for a range of extreme sports and many adventure tours in Puerto Rico. Here are some of the most exciting extreme sport sites and adventure tour sites located in this unique land.

Exploring El Yunque

This is a beautiful and exciting subtropical rain forest located in the Northeastern part of the Puerto Rico. Although El Yunque is relatively a smaller rainforest (with an area of 28,000 acres), it is rich in diversity and has splendid characteristics. As per the ancient myths, El Yunque was the home to God Yuquiyú.

If you plan to go on an adventure tour to El Yunque, you will find highly diversified amount of flora. There are hundreds of fern species which are exceptional to this part of the world. Apart from that, you will be able to see various small endemic animal species like pygmy anole, coquí tree frog and Puerto Rican Parrot.

Beach area

Puerto Rico hosts over 270 miles of beautiful beaches. Every inch of theses beaches is a part of an adventure. There are plenty of actions waiting for you in the sparkling blue waters. Surfing, diving, paddle boarding, kite surfing and extreme kiting are some of the extreme type sports you can perform in the beautiful blue waters of Puerto Rico.


If you have selected Puerto Rico to be your holiday destination, you can simple update your “to-do” list by adding kite-boarding to it. If you need professional assistance, there are plenty of skilled kite-boarders to instruct you and let you to experience an exciting, adventurous activity. This sport is a combination of multiple sports like waterskiing, windsurfing and paragliding. Puerto Rico waters offer ideal type of waves and currents while the surrounding pumps necessary adrenaline to make this activity a more exciting one.

Hang Gliding

If you prefer aerial adventure, try gliding in Puerto Rico. The excitement you would feel when gliding your canopy over the El Yunque Rainforest is simply indescribable. Although it looks terrifying at a glance, hang gliding is a relaxing act once you practically do it. There are plenty of instructors in Puerto Rico to guide beginners with hang gliding; you don’t have to worry a bit even if you are a beginner.

Zip-line Toro Verde

Thanks to the versatile landscapes in Puerto Rico, it has several places to be engaged in Zip-lining; Toro Verde is one of the most appealing sites for such activity. Zip-lining is an activity done using a pulley attached to a strong steel cable at a certain incline. All you have to do is to get strapped into the provided harness and allow gravity to move you to the other side.

Apart from that, there are plenty of other activities to be engaged in Puerto Rico. It is always advisable to visitors, however, to engage in these activities with the assistance of trained professionals who are widely available to book.